Our Gecko Setup

Pictured are just some of our many tanks that we house our Crested & Gargoyle Geckos in! We have several breeding pairs, as well as many growouts and young hatchlings.

Goodies And More!

We always make sure to include some freebies in each order. The more you order, the more you get! Colorful bracelets, 3D printed geckos, or even an extra product. You never know what goodies you'll get!

HERPS Reptile Show

Make sure to come and visit us at the HERPS Reptile shows in Robstown, TX. We are hoping to start expanding to other shows soon!

Proud To Put Our Name

We take pride in our quality products and are always proud to put our name on them!

The Printer Line Up

We currently have TWELVE 3D printers setup. They are almost constantly busy printing lots of hides, ledges, walls and more!

Printing In Action

Shown here is one of the printers printing a Large Hidey-Hole. It takes over 16 hours to complete just 1 large hide!