About Us

We run our own small business breeding quality Crested & Gargoyle Geckos. We have had our breeding program set up since 2017. Originally we started out with breeding Ball Pythons, but have since moved on to the geckos.

Printing can be very time consuming. For instance, our large Hidey-Hole takes over 16 hours to print just ONE hide. This is why it can be a challenge to keep our inventory updated on our larger items. If a color you would like is ever out of stock, don't hesitate to contact us and request it. We are usually pretty quick and can get requests fulfilled within a day or two.

As an expansion to our business we have recently become a Pangea dealer. We have stocked all of the varieties of the Pangea Gecko diets in our store. We also carry a few types of their plants & vines, as well as some calcium and hatching medium.

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